TinkEdge Labs, focuses on innovative approach on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) through robotics. We understand the importance of adapting to students’ knowledge levels, and our teachings are applied at varying complexities to ensure a progressive and tailored learning experience.
Our solution seamlessly integrates with school curriculums, enhancing the existing theoretical foundation with hands-on activities that captivate young minds. We think that hands-on, experiential learning has great power. Because of this, our program is designed to include an extra 90 minutes once a week, giving kids a reliable and engaging way to dive into the worlds of science and technology.

Little Innovators

  • The concept of robotics, related hands-on activities.
  • Constructing robotic models.
  • Enhancing logical thinking, development, planning, and team- work.
  • Capability, creativity and motor skills.
  • Junior Innovators

  • Introduction to visual programming language such as blockly, Scratch etc. .
  • Utilizing Tinkedge Customized controllers and sensors in practical experiments.
  • Improving inductive reasoning, complex problem solving, and time management skills.
  • Young Innovators

  • Teaching advanced visual programming languages likewise C, C++, JAVA, Python, PHP, and many more.
  • Developing critical thinking skills and problem-solving strategies revolving around engineering and robotics.
  • Aero space& Drone¬†Technology