MathEdge (A Centre for the art of learning maths) :

An innovative approach to teaching and learning mathematics is the math lab. Through the use of models, these labs will enhance students’ understanding of math, creating a new area of study. Understanding the logical reasons behind the formulae of mathematical equations is essential, and this will only deepen the significance of math education. It would enable us to approach the subject with less abstraction. Our services are in line with the recommendations of the National Education Policy (NEP, 2020), which emphasized the importance of mathematics and mathematical thinking in light of the emerging research-oriented fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science.

Highlights of the MathEdge
Math Innovation Lab

– Math Innovation Lab is designed to transform the traditional approach to mathematics education by providing a dynamic and engaging environment for students

Math Interactive Kits

– Number line, jio board, Rectangular, classifier and circular, Models for achieving regular equations, Triangle models, Quadrilateral models, Polygon models and Many More.

3D models

– Cube, rectangle cube, A four-sided cube, direct circular, cylinder, Cone and many more.


– Square numbers, square roots, Arithmetic numbers, Arithmetic roots, compound interest, simple interest, computer lists – tax, interest etc.


– Numerical system of ancient period and photos of mathematicians with introduction.


– Games activities developed to get enhance with multiplication and additional to improve their mathematical skill